The Coming Revolution: Evolutionary Leap or Descent Into Chaos and Violence?

Under present economic and government policy, more and more people will fall deeper into debt and extreme poverty.

What has greed cost America?

Thom Hartmann
Greed should be seen as the mental illness and social illness that it is.

‘God is not a magician’: Pope says Christians should believe in evolution and Big Bang

“God is not a divine being or a magician,…” the pope said

How Cheap Wind Energy Threatens To Upend The Kansas Governor’s Race And Upset The Koch Brothers

those who want to repeal the RPS have poured millions into Sam Brownback’s re-election campaign, which has caused him to suddenly change his position,”

Gulf Oil Spill Left Rhode Island-Sized Oily ‘Bathtub Ring’ On Seafloor, Study Finds

there are still questions about OTHER ecological issues that deep.

Secret McConnell Audio, 12 Destructive Things GOP Senate Would Do

We’re going to go after them on healthcare, on financial services, on the Environmental Protection Agency, across the board

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  • The US air war against the Islamic State costs $8.3 million a day

    Since air strikes began on August 8, the campaign — which has involved about 6,600 sorties by US and allied aircraft — has cost $580 million, said Pentagon spokesman Commander Bill Urban. The Pentagon has revised its estimate of the cost of the US air war in Iraq and Syria, saying the price tag for […]

  • Birther sheriff declares Canada-born Sen. Ted Cruz ineligible to run for president

    Former Arizona sheriff Richard Mack said that, although he likes the Texas senator, his foreign birth precludes him from serving as Commander in Chief. A prominent critic of President Obama, who claims that president’s birth certificate is a fraud and a forgery, is now stating that Sen. Ted Cruz is ineligible to run for president […]

  • Chiquita, Corporate Traitor.

    Chiquita, Corporate Traitor.

    Obama’s Inversion Crackdown Not Enough To Keep Chiquita In America It was the best of times, it was the worst of times for companies to dodge taxes by moving to Ireland. So far, results have been mixed for new Treasury Department rules designed to thwart deals known as “tax inversions,” in which a U.S. company […]

  • Plutocrats Against Democracy

    Plutocrats Against Democracy

    The Right Fears Democracy Paul Krugman :-: It’s always good when leaders tell the truth, especially if that wasn’t their intention. So we should be grateful to Leung Chun-ying, the Beijing-backed leader of Hong Kong, for blurting out the real reason pro-democracy demonstrators can’t get what they want: With open voting, “You would be talking […]

  • Why Are 1,300 Native Americans Being Asked To Travel To A Town Of 14 People, 50 Miles Away, To Vote?

    Why Are 1,300 Native Americans Being Asked To Travel To A Town Of 14 People, 50 Miles Away, To Vote?

    How A South Dakota County Is Suppressing The Native American Vote  Eighty-five percent of Buffalo County residents live on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation. So why is the closest early voting site located 25 miles away in a town of 14 people? The Crow Creek Indian Reservation lies along the Missouri River in central South […]

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