Bank of England Issues Warning: Looming ‘Carbon Bubble’ Threat

Bank of England warning of urgently needed climate change regulations rendering coal, oil, and gas assets worthless.

6 Conservatives That Desperately Need a High-School Sex Ed Class

The right-wing has some very unusual opinions and misconceptions on how women’s bodies work.

Why Chuy Garcia Needs to Condemn Rahm Emanuel’s Secret Police Interrogation Site

The local press, beaten on the story—by a UK paper no less
Were they ‘beaten’ to the story or hiding the story?

‘Cynical’ Obamacare Challenge Exposes Persistent Flaw of For-Profit System

yet another reason to swiftly move beyond the failing ACA to a simpler, Medicare-for-All “

9 Social Panics That Gripped the Nation, Were Totally False, and Did Horrible Lasting Damage

America is a fearful and gullible nation with a media misinformation machine that is more than happy to stoke our fears. Like windup toys, we obediently point in whatever direction the fearmongers tell us to and run, screaming and flailing our arms while demanding that someone do something about it. Many of these false social […]

How Corporations Waste Billions Instead Of Investing In Workers

requires tackling a corporate culture that rewards short-term gain over long-term performance

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  • Could Common Food Additives Be Causing Serious Health Problems?

    New research suggests they do. Emulsifiers approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are commonly added to processed foods to improve texture, increase shelf life and prevent oils and fats from separating. You’ll see them listed on ingredient labels as polysorbate 80, lecithin, carrageenan, polyglycerols, xanthan and other gums in everything from […]

  • Why Louisiana Is Facing A Health Care Disaster

    Why Louisiana Is Facing A Health Care Disaster

    On Wednesday, the US Supreme Court hears a case that if successful, could strip away health insurance from millions of people who depend on federal subsidies. But Louisiana Governor and likely presidential candidate Bobby Jindal says he welcomes such a ruling, telling reporters at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference: “When the subsidies go away, […]

  • Noam Chomsky

    Noam Chomsky

    Slavery is ‘the core of our history’ but not ‘part of our consciousness’ -Noam Chomsky

  • Baby Tortoises Born On Galapagos Island For The First Time In A Century

    Baby Tortoises Born On Galapagos Island For The First Time In A Century

    For the first time in more than one hundred years, researchers have found newborn baby tortoises on the tiny Galapagos island of Pinzón. It’s a major win for a population that has struggled after being nearly decimated by human impact. “We found ten tiny, newly hatched saddleback tortoises on the island early last month,” wrote […]

  • Ben Carson: Being Gay Is 'Absolutely' A Choice

    Ben Carson: Being Gay Is ‘Absolutely’ A Choice

    Dr. Ben Carson, a potential candidate in the 2016 GOP presidential primary, said Wednesday he “absolutely” believes being gay is a choice. In an interview with CNN, Carson argued prisons prove people choose to be gay. “Because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight — and when they come out, […]

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