4 Reasons Sanders Can Win the General

Yes, some 50 percent of voters say they wouldn’t vote for a socialist; but a lot of those are people who haven’t thought about the word since the 1970s. We should take this profession of hostility less seriously. The New Hampshire primaries, which Bernie Sanders is winning by seventeen points at the time of writing, […]

Act Now, Urges Study, or Planet Faces 10,000+ Years of Climate Doom

“The next few decades offer a brief window of opportunity to minimize large-scale and potentially catastrophic climate change that will extend longer than the entire history of human civilization thus far.” The actions that policymakers take in the next couple of years will have “profound impacts on global climate, ecosystems and human societies” for the […]

Why We Must Try

Robert Reich – Instead of “Yes we can,” many Democrats have adopted a new slogan this election year: “We shouldn’t even try.” We shouldn’t try for single-payer system, they say. We’ll be lucky if we prevent Republicans from repealing Obamacare. We shouldn’t try for a $15 an hour minimum wage. The best we can do […]

Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says

Median income would soar by more than $22,000. Nearly 26 million jobs would be created. The unemployment rate would fall to 3.8%. Those are just a few of the things that would happen if Bernie Sanders became president and his ambitious economic program were put into effect, according to an analysis given exclusively to CNNMoney. […]

The Bernie Sanders Era Is Upon Us: Why Iowa Was a Watershed Moment for American Politics 

The Vermont senator’s Iowa showing indicates that something is changing in American politics.  _____________________________________________________________________________________ On Monday night, a self-described socialist who has spent his entire career railing against the two-party system brought his first primary matchup — with the most visible and popular non-presidential Democrat over the past quarter-century — down to a couple of coin tosses. It is […]

4 Fears About Marijuana Legalization That Have Been Totally Disproven by Reality

The great social experiment is underway. How is it going? Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana in 2012, and Alaska, Oregon and Washington DC, came on board in 2014. Voters in a half-dozen states are likely to vote on legalization this year, and they will be wanting to know what kind of impact it has had […]