The People Have Spoken: This Is The Most Brazen Lie Of 2014

PolitiFact’s readers overwhelmingly picked CLIMATE DENIAL as the year’s biggest lie.
……………………but republicans keep on keepin on

The More People Are Told About Obamacare, The More They Like It

A little bit of follow-up information can make a big difference.

From sacred underwear to zombies — here are 20 of the most bizarre, modern-day religious beliefs

Test your knowledge of which belief belongs to which mainstream religion.

GOP Maneuvering to Slash Social Security and Medicare

Tom Price (R-Ga.), incoming Chairman of the House Budget Committee, has vowed to gut ‘mandatory spending’ on entitlement programs U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Friday slammed the GOP for jockeying to slash Social Security and Medicare in the next Congress, denouncing the plan as a “moral outrage.” “At a time when poverty among seniors […]

Scalia on Retirees Losing Their Health Insurance: ‘I Can’t Feel Bad About It’

They want to keep the health insurance they were promised

More Lying BS from The Military Industrial Complex

Islamic State Fight To Take At Least 3 Years, U.S. General Says
Anyone who falls for this bullshit … is probably a republican.